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What I gained from two coronavirus outbreaks

What I gained from two coronavirus outbreaks

June 16, 2020

Getting on a plane from Florence, Italy back to San Francisco wearing dish gloves was not how I thought my study abroad experience would end. At 4 a.m March 11, I arrived at the Florence airport with my roommate, sweaty from wearing a multicolored ...

I help out many essential workers like Heinrich, who works at the Manazana apple sauce plant in Rohnert Park. Essential workers are often patient and understand the stress I am going through as an essential worker myself.

Checked out: My struggles and sacrifices as a front-line worker

June 13, 2020

The sweat dripped from my forehead and down past my mask. My legs ached and my arms were sore from swiping items across the scanner and repeatedly sanitizing the checkstand with a rag. Everyday from the start of the Sonoma County quarantine has felt...



June 10, 2020

Let’s talk about the quiet. Because there is a lot said in between words, and that’s stretching out, all gooey gluten out before our eyes as we persist to be trapped inside. Or get to enjoy a staycation. I keep flip flopping back and forth betwee...

Abby Selby is a fourth-year SRJC student.

Waiting on a Blank Calendar

June 10, 2020

Day ? the crisp cry each new birdsong delirious⁠—tangled heavy under the weight of every little thing famished, she sings from inside that chimney. Day ?? squandered over the bathtub edge my bathroom fitted, with no sink. on edge bile filling...

To the Latino Man Standing by My Garden as He Texts

To the Latino Man Standing by My Garden as He Texts

June 10, 2020

from my glass box I can see you’ve got a lot on your mind texts have that way of pulling us in I hope it isn’t bad news your mother’s cancer came back an argument with your wife or sullen teen wanting Nikes I wish you could have stayed to enjoy...

Vida Javdan has been taking ESL classes at Santa Rosa Junior College for three years. She says the quarantine has helped her get involved in her children's education.

An unexpected discovery

June 9, 2020

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, many of our regular schedules are affected by the sheltering- in- place. As workplaces and schools are closed, adults and students have no other choice but to work from home. Although sheltering-in-place brings many...

The Case for Creativity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Amanda A. Daniels, Special to The Oak Leaf

June 9, 2020

Crisis is the mother of creativity and innovation. As such, creativity may well be instinctive by way of crisis. A change in some form or another likely sparks one in accessing a new path that was not previously considered. In order to meet a newly developed demand whether externally or internally, one must be stirred and as a result, willing to act. Besides this fact, change is often viewed as unwelcoming and is often times not embraced. However, it is during these moments of ...

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Florence Gomes is a first-year International student at SRJC.

What is going on in my hometown?

June 9, 2020

On March 16th we received the order to shelter in place. This struck me. Before that, I thought maybe it was a fake conspiracy. After the quarantine began, I realized that this situation is for real! While I'm drowning in questions, life is happenin...

Nardos Asfaha is a second year SRJC student.

An Exhausted Essential Worker

June 9, 2020

My name is Nardos Asfaha and I am 20 years old. I have been going to SRJC for 2 years now. I am really glad to get this chance to share my story with you. I  hope this coronavirus will end soon. It has affected everything in my life, especially with...

Duy Pham is a first-year student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

A story during quarantine

June 9, 2020

As the spreading of the pandemic, all my future plans have just been changed, delayed, or even canceled and I could not have any better solution to deal with. Everything now is getting worse. I have witnessed lose of lives, some of the working people...

Fabian Amarillas a fifth year student at Santa Rosa Junior College, and his younger brother, Yancarlo.

A COVID-19 brother’s quarantine birthday celebration

June 9, 2020

With all of the headlines in the news that talk about the deaths, infected, sick or isolated from the world, I can’t imagine the trauma this pandemic is bringing to people around the world. My brother is 11 years old and his birthday has not been w...

Josseline Reyes is a freshman at Santa Rosa Junior College

So close to dying

June 8, 2020

Everything has changed Everyone has changed The world has changed My world has changed The virus has attacked my family Two-year-old Dilan was first Then his dad Then his brother And finally their father, my Abuelo Dilan was strong and recovered, But...

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