Unintended Consequences

Ivan Pena, Special to the Oak Leaf

There are no questions about the horrible things that are happening right now. This quarantine situation has got us real good, like if it was some cruel prank by the gods, some sort of punishment to make us repair the things that our ancestors did in the past. It for sure changes the life of everybody, and I’m sure that this will change for good the way in which we think and how we act. Maye it is just wishful thinking, but this might be an opportunity for us to seek for our own good without affecting others along the way. It is simple, this quarantine is teaching us to seek for the good of others, to think that we may be causing another person harm; it is telling that we all are together in this problem. It is everybody’s problem.

This is a window to not only care about our species, but also to seek good for the whole environment. During this quarantine, I have seen a lot of news—some good, some bad. Some of this good news is about how the lack of human activity has helped the planet, to some degree, to “restore” itself, like the water in Venice, Italy, which has become more clear. It makes me think and question what is good and what is evil. Does this pandemic have nothing but horrors? Are there any positive sides to it? Maybe it is more complicated than that, maybe we just see the blacks and the whites, but are not seeing the grays that lie between them.