How quarantine changed my life

Arturo Ruiz is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Courtesy of Arturo Ruiz

Arturo Ruiz is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Arturo Ruiz, Special to The Oak Leaf

Every morning I woke up at 6:30 am to take my mom to work, come back and get ready for school; but before going to class, I had to take my siblings to their respective schools and after I went to my institute to be able to finish with my day and do what I want. So since all of this exploded we were forced to wear masks, being separated by six feet, and so many more stressful things and it has been complicated because it is my first time in a pandemic as well as taking online classes. In my opinion, it’s not the same as being with your teachers because if sometimes we do not understand the lessons at school, much less we will understand them for ourselves. I had faith that we were going to return to class in August, but no, we have to take classes online until January 2021. It is going to be a long semester, and I have thought about not taking classes until we return to the classrooms with all the teachers. At home, it is boring, many times I haver gotten angry at my siblings, and that is not good. Quarantine has been such a big problem, and I hope that all of this passes so quickly that we can return to our normal life.

I’m Arturo Ruiz

A student at The Santa Rosa Junior College