Waiting on a Blank Calendar

Abby Selby is a fourth-year SRJC student.

Abby Selby

Abby Selby is a fourth-year SRJC student.

Abby Selby, Special to The Oak Leaf

Day ?

the crisp cry

each new birdsong


heavy under the weight of




famished, she sings

from inside that chimney.

Day ??

squandered over the bathtub edge

my bathroom fitted, with no sink.

on edge

bile filling my roots. another time

I try to change, ruin it⁠—again.

strange; I don’t remember much

of not feeling this sting.

indefinitely, so.

Day !!??!!!!!!!??????

no thoughts, no thoughts ; no wonder

so many things are lost at night.

sheer thoughts, do I want to know?

do I dare antiquate

things I’ve put on ice, spit out

in one full sweep.

burnt chocolate never tasted so good.

Day 47

If I tried a little harder⁠—

stopped short by my inadequacies,

back into slumber, do I linger.

Back to stoic nonsense

one per hour,

one per day.

Chastising me.

This time tomorrow, coming up

on Day 48,

my curtains will wither

my tongue will shake.

But deep inside⁠—cruel acidity

will find a way out.