Sketchbook subjects close to home


SRJC art student Anne Louvau fills her sketchbook with scenes inside and outside her own home during the pandemic.

Anne Louvau, Special to the Oak Leaf

For the past several years I have carried sketchbooks with me everywhere. Some were tiny enough to fit in a pocket, others were broad enough to capture a landscape. Some had good cotton paper, others had crummy newsprint, and I even made a few from scratch, and they were all just right for practice and creativity. On family outings my husband and children have become accustomed to leaving me behind when I pull out my paints and brushes, with a plan to meet down the trail.

Since quarantine began, the sketchbooks haven’t left home. Instead of sketching scenes of exploration and adventure, I am instead tackling scenes right here in the house and the yard.

I started by drawing my littlest child’s new home classroom, then moved outdoors to farm machinery. It’s been a rewarding way to divert my focus from current events, and instead really see many aspects of home, in detail, for the first time. Instead of feeling trapped here, I am finding that there is a lot to see right outside the back door.