The ways I change in quarantine


Eric Peña is a second-year ESL student at SRJC.

Eric Peña, Special to the Oak Leaf

Two month have passed since people were talking about how spend their time during spring break, but the plans changed. Spring break was different from others days because of the virus pandemic. The normal days transform in just days. It doesn’t matter if is Saturday, Sunday or Monday; all days are the same.

The pandemic changed me in different ways. When I see the TV, all the news is about  COVID- 19 and how it is impacting people in all countries. It is a kind of horror movie when they talk about deaths and the number of cases. The schools are now online and responsibilities are in the home. My days are different now. I take breakfast and prepare for my online classes. Sometimes, there is so much pressure with homework to deal with, but I have to do it. Social media is essential to communicate with my friends. I see many things about how the virus is spreading in all countries. When I go to the supermarket, I have to wear gloves and a face mask and hope to find some food and paper. Everyone keeps distance apart from other people and the streets are completely empty. It is kind of sad to see stores and restaurants close due to the virus.

Many things are in my mind; I think about what will happen after this pandemic. Will it end this year or not?