To the Latino Man Standing by My Garden as He Texts

Amy Moore, Special to The Oak Leaf

from my glass box

I can see you’ve got a lot on your mind

texts have that way of pulling us in

I hope it isn’t bad news

your mother’s cancer came back

an argument with your wife

or sullen teen wanting Nikes

I wish you could have stayed

to enjoy the beauty

the roses so fragrant

and the poppies so beautiful

Please come by soon

the lavender will surely bloom next week

If the sun continues to shine


Seen in Neighborhood Watch: “We just saw and

approached an unfamiliar gentleman about 5’5” dark hair,

spoke broken English, dark complexion and appeared to be

Hispanic, wearing [redacted]. He appeared suspicious

because he stopped in front of my house several times

appearing to be texting, but he accelerated as we

approached him and bumped into some shrubs as he

accelerated away.”