Finding peace while in quarantine


Courtesy of May Saw Aye

May Saw Aye is a third-year student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

May Saw Aye, Special to The Oak Leaf

There are many people who are unemployed after the coronavirus has spread throughout the world, but they don’t want to be stuck at home for months and months. Therefore, people should search for ways to keep a good mindset and enjoy peaceful times while following the government’s instructions. Before I had to be quarantined, I was very busy and had less time to rest. I am a mom of four children, a college student and a hard worker. I lost my job as a sushi chef because of COVID. The quarantine has given me more time with my four children. In fact, I became their teacher because they need help with their online learning. I also have virtual classes and do my homework. In this crisis time, I support my children by cooking delicious food. I also try to cook new types of traditional Burmese food. We are happy to have healthy meals at home every day. Due to the risk of COVID-19, I decided to draw a plan to bring more peace into my life. I take online classes that involve Buddhist teachings. I learn the Dhamma laws and meditate every night, which calms my mind. I have found that spending time with family and bringing peace and quiet into my life is the best way to remove my anxiety during the quarantine.