Two Poems


Courtesy Douglas Anderson

Dr. Douglas Anderson, 71, is a retired clinical psychologist and a student in a wonderful poetry class taught by Prof. Steve Trenam at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Dr. Douglas Anderson, Special to the Oak Leaf


I sit again another morning

incognito alone quiet home

surrounded by bird morning silence

adrift moving in my heart

this stillness and quiet

so quiet in this

only bird songs breaking still


behind their fence

three jumping child heads

glee shinning bouncing blond heads

breaking all away for now

to childhood memory

entranced to simpler days

respondent moments on a summer lake

away from this quiet roar inside


where stillness glimmers like

morning sun on a lake breezing

water noises patting on a dock in the dark

to now again angling into ants

across the table unknown to viruses

little hearts beating

to find nourishment from silence

where we alone all sit together

discovering new ways to disappear

heart beat together

in this quiet together

still quiet soft luxury of now.


Douglas Anderson 4/17/20

Sonoma, CA



We crawl in

whorl in

beat the drum in

kick and scream in

find internal stamina in

sing and meditate in

reach down deep in

everything points in

even being forced in

what gift they’ve given us to be in

without knowing the sweetness of in

the depth of in


if only we stop to face in

deeper still now removing obstacles

further through fear

feel into in

be in

know in


what has prevented your going before this in

it seemed too frightening to have to go in

after all we didn’t vote to go in

we were told “Stay in!”

and here we are together all in

connected in


these little bugs they’re so small they get in

they’ve forced us in

slowed us down to learn to suffer

in order to know deeper inside

we must grieve in

the complex within bubbles up

turn the key to simplicity

and self-forgiveness in

able to feel even pleasant in

better than unpleasant out


everything boils down in

to the joy being in

through fear one step at a time as we connect

slide past the vast space of emptiness in

feel through releasing to one in

one another of One in

all of us in this Great In!


Douglas Anderson  3/15/20

Sonoma, CA