A COVID-19 brother’s quarantine birthday celebration


Fabian Amarillas a fifth year student at Santa Rosa Junior College, and his younger brother, Yancarlo.

Fabian Amarillas, Special to the Oak Leaf

With all of the headlines in the news that talk about the deaths, infected, sick or isolated from the world, I can’t imagine the trauma this pandemic is bringing to people around the world. My brother is 11 years old and his birthday has not been what it used to be. Yancarlo, my brother has been my best friend, brother, soul mate. To me, he is my hero. He makes the funniest jokes, tricks, and his smile gets me too. I love him and I think he knows it, because he is spoiled as a little chicken.

I never thought that quarantining and celebrating his birthday inside the house was going to be totally different than previous years. My brother was getting stressed before his birthday arrived. My mother and I had no clue what to do for him on this special day. We thought of creating a birthday just like previous years, but it was not the right moment for us to invite people into our house who we don’t see on a daily basis. Especially since we don’t know where they have been. The only people who were invited were my mom’s sister and her husband, my brother’s dad, my mom and myself.

Thankfully, no one in my family has had any symptoms of COVID-19. We have tried to maintain the social distancing rules with anyone who we have contact with. When I asked to go back to work, I was a little nervous. At both of my jobs, they are taking the adequate precautions and guidelines to keep everyone healthy from COVID-19.

Everyone is scared and no one knows when this is going to be over. It seems to be a nightmare for everyone, especially children. My brother is ready to have his active life, to go to school, play at the park, and he is definitely in a happy place since his birthday on May 13.  He loved his green cake and chocolate candles. I know for a fact that my brother enjoyed the day more than any previous ones, because it was about him, the angel of the house, not the COVID- 19.