Feeling Sick In A Pandemic

Angie Hager, Special to the Oak Leaf

Since the shelter-in-place started, it has been difficult to cope. I used to be able to go hiking with my friends, I used to be able to take face to face classes, and I used to work about twelve hours a week. But now, everything is the opposite. I can’t go out, all of my classes are online, and my work at a retail store is temporarily closed.

To this day I still can’t believe this is happening. One week after the shelter in place began, I started having a fever and a cough. I thought it might be the flu. But two months have now passed, and I still get high fevers and headaches. So this got me thinking that I might have the coronavirus. I called my doctor to see if I could get tested because I have some of the symptoms, but they said that I should wait a little longer. To this day I still don’t know if I have COVID 19. These symptoms are not only affecting me, but they are also affecting my dad. He has been presenting high fevers and shivers, there are times when he feels so tired that the only thing he wants to do is sleep. I believe he might have a higher possibility of getting infected because he works at an airport in customer service. The only lucky one has been my mom, she hasn’t had any of the symptoms, it gives me an air of relief knowing that she is okay. Thank God that our symptoms aren’t really bad; they are manageable. However, feeling sick has affected my classes. When I am doing homework, it is hard to concentrate, and sometimes my headaches are so strong that I have to stop working until I feel better.

But I have to say this shelter in place has brought some positive things in my life. I have time to reflect on my life and society, and I have also gotten time to spend time with my family, which is something I appreciate more than ever before.