Alnihayat Qariba

James Kowalczyk, Special to the Oak Leaf

Alnihayat Qariba


eons ago, on anonymous boulders, the ancients had carved the warning signs we would never see through our opaque lens of inhumanity

biota invectors polluted with dis-ease shed a

global offal elemental diet and that the rich inhale

spewing forth nature’s bowels, drooling

oil, bathing in the blood of fellow mammals

the earth melts in the crucible of greed

plastic oceans choke on fish

and the air suffocates

industrial devolution and designer babies

antisocial media

and we have mapped the genome

swimming through the stream of antisocial media

isolation bubbles engulf the nation

wash gurgle and bawl

for the unburied

there’s no turning back

saveyour breath

where’s our savior