People’s Thoughts About the Coronavirus Pandemic


Courtesy of Fezza Arshad

Fezza Arshad, Special to the Oak Leaf

I am a student in English as a second language (ESL 100) at SRJC. This is the end of my first year at college. I conducted a survey in order to know the thoughts of people about this crisis. When the pandemic began, I feared that everything was going to collapse. I feared that I would never see my native country of Pakistan again. With the passage of time, I am getting used to this new way of life, and I know that there will be a new normal. I wanted to find out how others were feeling, so I posted a brief survey on social media and sent it to my ESL teacher to distribute. This informal questionnaire includes responses from over 60 people ranging in age from teenagers to over 80 years old.Forms response chart. Question title: Do you think it's possible the COVID-19 pandemic happened for a good reason? For example, since the pandemic, the air is clean and nature is revived. . Number of responses: 65 responses.

I asked this question because when I walk outside, I feel like there is fresh air and that the world has been cleansed. I’ve seen stories that animals have found freedom while humans are locked in their homes. For me, it’s clear that this pandemic has had positive effects on the environment. There has been a decrease in air pollution, leading to a new balance. More than half of participants thought that this pandemic happened for a good reason, and I agree with the majority.

Forms response chart. Question title: Has the pandemic caused anxiety in your life?. Number of responses: 65 responses.

I also wanted to know about the psychological impacts that this pandemic has had. I know for me, the quarantine has caused anxiety, crying, and intense emotions. Now I know that I am not alone, and I am feeling better every day. I hope that everyone else is able to find strength to get through this. Almost 80 percent of respondents have experienced anxiety, but it’s interesting to note that more than 15 percent of them were fine. Now, I am curious again why 15 percent of individuals were not anxious?