What I miss on this pandemic situation


Courtesy of Diego Zaragoza

Diego Zaragoza is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Diego Zaragoza, Special to The Oak Leaf

This is my second year at Santa Rosa Junior college and my educational goal is an Automotive Technician. During my spring break, boom it was officially announced the Social Distancing, because of COVID-19, all of those rumors had become true. Now about a month and a half, we started practicing Isolation. I noticed how life is very different without having contact with anybody, it seems like everybody just got punished by not being allowed to go out of their houses anymore without protection.

I miss going out a lot to parks, simply going to stores for shopping in the mall here in Santa Rosa, hanging out with my best friends, but I miss the most going to my auto classes at the SRJC. Being Isolated for our own good to prevent the virus spread, so far got us good, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with my educational goal if this keeps going.

Quarantine has changed my educational path, this fall semester coming up it supposed to be my full auto classes semester, but for now, every auto class got canceled. I don’t know for how long my educational time is going to be extended, hopefully, the SRJC finds a solution for all the auto classes. I really miss going to class physically, but for now, I’ll have to wait. Things happen I know, but sometimes we have to adapt to new things. Hopefully, the situation improves, and hopefully, someday everything will be back to normal little by little.