So close to dying


Josseline Reyes is a freshman at Santa Rosa Junior College

Josseline Reyes, Special to the Oak Leaf

Everything has changed
Everyone has changed
The world has changed
My world has changed

The virus has attacked my family
Two-year-old Dilan was first
Then his dad
Then his brother
And finally their father, my Abuelo
Dilan was strong and recovered,
But my uncles and Abuelo are still fighting

They are suffering and wondering
If the world is about to end for them
Days go by
Weeks pass
The virus refuses to let them free

I don’t wish this on anyone
My entire family suffers
Only seeing them from behind the window
Using a face mask and gloves
My heart couldn’t take it

I don’t know what to do with my brain
Am I going insane?
How can I focus on school?
When there’s so much else to think about
I don’t want the virus to take them away
I want them to be free

They are between life and death
Each day is more complicated for them
High fevers and cough with no appetite
They haven’t shown much improvement

Now, after five weeks,
Five weeks of

No eating, no sleeping, no nothing
My uncles and Abuelo
Feel alive again

The virus is about to leave their lives
The virus is going to die

Every day I pray for them
For them to live

They are now just waiting
to go back to their normal life
They are beating the obtrusive
It has been a
painful pathway
for all of my family
and me.