A story during quarantine


Duy Pham is a first-year student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Khánh Duy Phạm, Special to the Oak Leaf

As the spreading of the pandemic, all my future plans have just been changed, delayed, or even canceled and I could not have any better solution to deal with. Everything now is getting worse. I have witnessed lose of lives, some of the working people have put their jobs on hold, schools have closed down and states have been put on lockdown. As a student, although I haven’t gotten a job, I feel that the pandemic has affected my study somewhat. My learning style has changed and I feel it’s harder to acquire knowledge because I couldn’t go to school, couldn’t communicate directly with my professors as usually, I did before this pandemic outbreaks. I really miss school and my friends.

During this hard time, I have a toothache. It is really hard to make an appointment with the dentist because most of them can not check me in. Moreover, my situation is getting worse so I need to see the dentist anyway. Finally, after many calls, I found a wonderful dentist in San Francisco that can help me. Then I had to remove four wisdom teeth. I bleed a lot on the first night after surgery. That really scared me. Fortunately, this situation improved the next morning, it took me about 2 weeks to recover, and I did not have any additional health problems during the isolation period.

Shelter-in-place seems to be easy but it really boring. I do not want to waste my time so I always tried to find something to do. In the first few weeks, I can still run or play tennis at the park. But when the parks were closed I only can play basketball in front of my house and workout indoor to keep me stay healthy. I also spend more time watching movies to improve my listening skill. I started to learn to cook new dishes. I was really happy when everyone like your food. However, I can not maintain these activities after a month because repetition makes me very depressed. So I decided to help my uncle to-do construction. We repainted his house, remade the cabinet, and changed the floor. These were a big job with us and it took nearly two weeks. Anyway, our hard work was paid off.  I also had big trouble with my hair. I cut it two weeks before the outbreak of this pandemic. In the quarantine time, it seemed to be growing faster and made me feel really uncomfortable. I finally bought a new trimmer and cut my hair. It was a funny experience and everyone laughed at seeing my new hairstyle.

This pandemic brought out so many inconvenient things, I hope we can win this pandemic soon. I really miss my normal life.