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Kincade Fire Gallery

Kincade Fire Gallery

December 12, 2019

Overview by Zane Zinkl High winds, dry brittle ground and low humidity combined on the evening of Oct. 23 to ignite the Kincade Fire in northeastern Sonoma County near Alexander Valley. During the next two weeks, the fire burned 77,758 acres, destroyed 360 structur...

Firefights huddle in the driveway of a house on Gloria Drive after putting out flames.

Gloria Drive fire alarms Santa Rosa residents

October 30, 2019

Santa Rosa Fire Department put out a garage fire started by a clothing dryer malfunction today on Gloria Drive in Santa Rosa.  Residents were scared when Santa Rosa Fire Department arrived on the scene due to the nearby threat of Kincade Fire. "I t...

Cal Fire responds to Kincade fire in Geyserville.

Kincade fire coverage gallery

October 24, 2019

For more coverage of the Kincade Fire, click here....

SRJC students respond to Kincade fire

SRJC students respond to Kincade fire

October 24, 2019

Santa Rosa Junior College students share their thoughts about Kincade fire and its influence on student life. Extra footage by Téa Lindsey and Abraham Fuentes For more coverage of the Kincade Fire, click here....

SRJC students and friends Chris Morris, 19, and Duncan MacGregor, 19, connect on campus for the first time since the Kincade fire started. Morris's home and phone were without power, so they were grateful to meet on campus.

SRJC campus somber as fire rages in nearby Geyserville

October 24, 2019

As the Kincade fire rages in Geyserville, Santa Rosa Junior College students fear for their community yet again. “You can feel the vibe switch instantly,” said Joseph Astobiza. “Everyone goes right into flashback mode, even though the fire isn...

Reflecting on last October’s fires

Eileen Rodriguez, Tom Miller, and Kirk Tiestsort

October 11, 2018

  A year after the fires struck Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Junior College students find themselves reflecting on how they have changed due to these tragedies. Kai Suter How has the fire changed you? “It was scary because my dad’s a firefighter, and I was really stressed out the entire time. I’ve always been scared whenever he goes to fires that something bad’s gonna happen, but he was working in Coffey Park the night of and he would tell me snippets of what was...

Community decorated flameless luminaries lined the pathway.

One community one year later

October 10, 2018

Community members gathered on a blocked-off Hopper Avenue on Oct. 9 for the “One Year Remembrance Gathering” in observation of the Tubb’s fire that burned more than 5,000 homes and killed more than 22 people in 2017. The fire burned nearly...

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) removes lethal electrical wiring in Coffey Park during the October wildfires that devastated Sonoma County.

PG&E responsible for some October fires

June 9, 2018

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) was responsible for a dozen of the October 2017 wildfires across Northern California. Beginning on Oct. 8, wildfires killed 45 people and destroyed more than 9,000 homes in Northern California. CalFire in...

A dry winter has brought California back into the drought conditions that were cited as a major cause of last Fall's wildfires.

Drought conditions return to California after dry winter

February 27, 2018

Critically dry weather patterns that led to severe drought and widespread wildfires have returned to California, making Santa Rosa Junior College staff and students apprehensive of the upcoming summer and the renewed risk of wildfire. According to...

A fire-ravaged neighborhood in Santa Rosa.

Flames still burn evacuees two months later

December 24, 2017

Two months. For most of us, our lives remain the same over the course of two months. For victims of the North Bay Wildfires, their lives are forever changed from what they resembled two months ago, prior to an unprecedented blaze that engulfed much of Son...

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