Gloria Drive fire alarms Santa Rosa residents


Photo by Edgar Soria Garcia

Firefights huddle in the driveway of a house on Gloria Drive after putting out flames.

Edgar Soria Garcia, Managing Editor

Santa Rosa Fire Department put out a garage fire started by a clothing dryer malfunction today on Gloria Drive in Santa Rosa. 

Residents were scared when Santa Rosa Fire Department arrived on the scene due to the nearby threat of Kincade Fire.

“I thought it was the big fire, but it didn’t make sense. I saw grey, it was scary. I guess we got through it.” said Elsie Garcia, 20, SRJC student

SRFD took out the interior fire and simultaneously cut open the roof to help remove the smoke and heat. 

Battalion Chief Matt Gloeckner understands the climate of fear surrounding the community.

“I know people were concerned when they saw the smoke that maybe something was happening just because of the large scale evacuations,” he said 

Residents surrounded the firemen and thanked them as they left.