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Joshua Pinaula foams milk at the Culinary Café & Bakery where SRJC culinary students bake the café's offering.

Four damn good Santa Rosa campus perks you never knew you had

December 13, 2018

Life in sunny Sonoma County might be golden, but it’s expensive, especially if you’re a student. Nothing beats a really good deal, particularly when it’s a perk you can use as often as you want. Here are four Santa Rosa campus perks you never knew you had: Child Care: ...

Thanksgiving: the best time of year

Thanksgiving: the best time of year

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving week is the best week of the year. Not because of Black Friday. Not because of the short work week. Not because of the long weekend. But because of Thanksgiving Day itself. That’s right--Thanksgiving rocks. Truth No. 1: It’s people oriented. Thanksg...

Photo by Abraham Fuentes.

New food in Old Courthouse Square: Perch + Plow

May 18, 2018

At 90 Old Courthouse Square lies a tucked-away stairwell, the entrance to Perch + Plow’s second floor location. Three massive windows let in natural light and provide a beautiful view of Santa Rosa’s Old Courthouse Square. A great place for a dat...

Vegans grind my gears

Vegans grind my gears

February 27, 2018

The vegan diet is similar to a vegetarian diet, but excludes dairy products and any animal by-product. Veganism has been marked as the animal-friendly diet, as it’s made up of plant-based products. The vegan diet can help cut fat intake and may hel...

Cricket flour made out of wheat flour, malted barley flour and cricket powder.

Entomophagy: The next buzz in food

January 30, 2018

Did you ever think insects would be the next main food source for the world? Insects contain high amounts of vitamins and protein, while their carbohydrate and fat levels are low. They are a sustainable food source and can be raised quickly in your home....

The orange chicken curry noodle soup bowl served with savory sauces.

SEA Noodle Bar: a taste of authentic Thai cuisine

December 12, 2017

If you are craving Thai food, you must try SEA Noodle Bar, Chef Tony Ounpamornchai’s award-winning restaurant. His culinary team offers a menu consisting of original Thai dishes combined with the highest quality of exotic ingredients that are local, su...

 Vice President of Student Health Services Ryan Sansome helps a student at the Student Government Assembly and Phi Theta Kappa’s Wednesday food bank outside Bertolini Hall. The student organizations are working to institutionalize a food pantry to combat food insecurity on campus. Photo by Charlotte Maxwell.

Food insecurity: the worst crisis you can’t see

November 16, 2017

Santa Rosa Junior College running back John Mumphrey’s week isn’t easy. Mumphrey moved to Santa Rosa from Anaheim to play football for the Bear Cubs last summer and he commits at least 30 hours each week to practice, work-outs, team meetings and g...

Frozen Art located on Sebastopol Rd is a great way to stay refreshed no matter what time of year.

Frozen Art: a new twist on a classic dessert

November 14, 2017

Santa Rosa’s Frozen Art’s slogan is the “The best ice cream in town.” With the largest selection of ice cream in town, it’s hard to choose between 45 unique flavors that bring the local business to life. Recommended flavors are honey lavender...

Chadwick Tatum, 30, is one of three sign spinners employed at Canevari's Deli in Santa Rosa.

Canevari’s off the menu special

November 14, 2017

It’s Friday at Canevari’s Deli, which means it’s Italian cheesesteak day. Canevari’s cheesesteak is a construction of gooey cheese, finely sliced beef and fresh peppers. It’s one of the best sandwiches in Santa Rosa and it’s only available...

Wine barrels at SRJC's Shone Farm ready to be filled

The world of wine comes to SRJC

February 8, 2017

There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than at the beautiful Santa Rosa Junior College, sipping more than 60 wines from 30 of the top Sonoma County wineries. Local wine lovers should not miss the third annual SRJC Wine Classic Feb. 12 hosted...

Plantain “Spiders” are made from thin grated savory plantain formed into balls and fried into a crispy nest of greasy goodness. Plantains are a specialty at El Coqui.

Food on the fringes

February 23, 2016

Mexican here, Chinese there, a couple French and a handful of Italian. The cultural food landscape of Santa Rosa is as diverse as it is expansive, but it is frustratingly mainstream. So where does one go to break the norm and explore the world’s p...

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