Frozen Art: a new twist on a classic dessert

Frozen Art located on Sebastopol Rd is a great way to stay refreshed no matter what time of year.

Meghan Buckman, Social Media Editor

Santa Rosa’s Frozen Art’s slogan is the “The best ice cream in town.” With the largest selection of ice cream in town, it’s hard to choose between 45 unique flavors that bring the local business to life.

Recommended flavors are honey lavender and merlot chocolate since they are organically made and not found anywhere else. Pumpkin Spice is their flavor of the season, and it tastes exactly like pumpkin pie.

Frozen Art is set up as a classic ice cream shop with old-fashioned tables, chairs and multicolored walls. Their popularity shows through the newspaper reviews and advertisements on the walls.

The atmosphere is family friendly and serves a wide variety of all ages. The alcohol-infused ice cream such as tequila, whiskey vanilla bean, Lagunitas beer, merlot chocolate chip and Kahlua is only served to adults 21 and over.

Flavor is the focus of Frozen Art. Making a decision is hard facing the exotic array of options.

Besides ice cream, Frozen Art serves Mexican popsicles otherwise known as “paletas” that come dairy-free or cream-based. Popular paletas flavors are watermelon, mango and blackberry.

Catering options are available for parties and events. Frozen Art provides their own popsicle cart along with any flavors you request.

Next time you’re in the mood for a new, local ice cream place, go to Frozen Art. You won’t be disappointed knowing you’ll try something new.

Frozen Art, is open 11:30 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. seven days a week, located at 500 Sebastopol Rd.