Mitote Food Park, located in Roseland, is open all week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and represents the local community.
Mitote Food Park, located in Roseland, is open all week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and represents the local community.
Sean Young

Mitote food park: tacos, tunes & tequila

Whether you’re going out for a lunch date, a family gathering or a late night bite with your best friends, Mitote Food Park offers a sanctuary for those who enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine and community charm.

Mitote, Northern California’s only Mexican food park, officially established itself as an addition to Sonoma County’s culinary attractions in 2022. The colorful culinary venue is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and offers a convenient hassle-free parking lot at 665 Sebastopol Road in Roseland. The food park, a 10-minute drive from Santa Rosa Junior College, benefits students on break with quick service and take-out options.

Mitote is home to various rotating food trucks, a permanent full service bar and other amenities including LaChurroteka, a dessert truck that specializes in churros. The bar, popular among the evening crowd, serves affordable regional draft beer and $11 mezcal or tequila cocktails.

The culinary venue is fenced off and private security is present to assist both vendors and patrons. The premises and bathroom stalls are clean, and the tables under the white tent are sanitized. Sharing a table and a meal with strangers on a busy weekday or weekend afternoon offers the opportunity to converse with tourists or Roseland residents. Private areas are also available. Live bands and animated crowds on weekends make for a vibrant atmosphere and offer insight into the Roseland community. But Mitote is more than a tourist novelty; its foundation is built on consistent-quality dishes. Patrons can choose between familiar dishes or opt to wander and explore the many different flavors of Mexico presented here.

Mami’s Panuchos serves food from the Yucatan region, and we strongly recommend their fun spin on empanadas. The empanadas — hand pies made of corn masa stuffed with shredded chicken, peas, tomato sauce and topped with cheese — are juicy and complemented with a unique and zesty hot sauce and tangy salsa. 

For a messy but robust and tasty meal we suggest the Birria Queso Taco at Gio Y Los Magos. Long-stewed beef, called birria, is served in a double-layered tortilla with melted cheese and garnished with jalapeño, mild salsa and radish slices. The pan-fried tortilla is crispy, with melted cheese complementing the juicy beef. The tender birria falls apart in your mouth, revealing rich-smoky and savory flavors. The tacos are filled to the brim and the tasty garnishes add to the messy experience. We recommend an additional order of a cup of caldo, broth from the beef stew. You can drink the caldo as a warm soup or use it to dip your tacos in. 

Pezcow specializes in seafood and is sure to satisfy those feeling in a fishy mood. The fried fish is well seasoned and crispy on the outside, delicate and moist on the inside and melts in your mouth. Sauce, lime and garnishes add zest and spice to taste.

Another favorite was Pezcow’s calamari served with fries. The calamari is barely greasy, has a satisfying crunch and is tender on the inside. Its distinct sweet- ness is complemented by the cocktail sauce. The fries are well seasoned with cilantro and lemon juice and are worth the guilty conscience that comes with ordering fries at a food park.


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