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The Ooky Spooky Ep. 3

The Ooky Spooky Ep. 3 “Horror movies”

January 18, 2020

This episode, Edgar "The Wannabe Final Girl" is joined by Alex and James to talk about their favorite and least favorite horror movies. Spoiler timecards 17:06-17:55 19:17-19:39 24:24-25:01   Outro music: "In My Nightmares" - Purple Planet Music...

10 iconic films from the 2010s

10 iconic films from the 2010s

December 12, 2019

In the 2010s, we saw many new classics by directors ranging from old masters to emerging talent. From the rise of commercial LGBTQ films to the wider acceptance of minority-directed films, it’s never been easier to see yourself on the silver screen. H...

“The Irishman” is a lengthy yet rich masterpiece

December 9, 2019

“The Irishman” may be a long watch for a Netflix blockbuster at 3 hours and 29 minutes, but its lead performances combined with Martin Scorsese’s superb direction make it a compelling piece of cinema. “The Irishman” features the legendary ac...

I watched over 365 movies last year and now I have movie burnout

I watched over 365 movies last year and now I have movie burnout

September 18, 2019

        I spent 752 hours — over 31 days — watching movies last year. If those numbers sound ridiculous, it’s because they are. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are about bettering themselves; my 2018 Ne...

“The Third Man” at 70: Does It Hold Up?

September 1, 2019

“Goodness, that’s awkward,” Crabbin said. “‘Goodness, that’s awkward’? Is that what you say to people after death?” Holly Martins asked. On this day 70 years ago, the shadowy world of film noir was expanded and epitomized by the r...

How to do Valentine's Day on a budget

How to do Valentine’s Day on a budget

February 14, 2019

Just because you’re broke doesn't mean your heart has to be. Valentine's Day is here, along with the opportunity to have a great day with your sweetheart. There’s just one issue: Your brain says Cheesecake Factory, but your bank account says Taco Be...

Saorise Ronan (left) & Laurie Metcalf (right) make for a dysfunctional mother-daughter duo.

Lady Bird sings the teenage blues

November 20, 2017

Everyone has a mother and that’s exactly Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson’s problem. Well, that and living in post 9/11 Sacramento, where the only exciting thing about being alive in 2002 is that “it’s a palindrome.” The opening scene of “Lady Bird” takes p...

Blade Runner 2049

Do tech bros dream of electric feminists?

October 30, 2017

When you watch the ending of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” you’re actually watching footage shot by Stanley Kubrick intended for “The Shining.” In 2015, Scott revealed this kernel of movie trivia to The Hollywood Reporter during a director's ro...

Pennywise the dancing clown

Send in the clowns… on second thought, don’t!

September 25, 2017

“It” has a whole lot of “It” and not much else. The latest adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel allows the demonic clown to take center stage for the majority of the two hour and fifteen minute running time. On the surface, this ...

‘Luma Illuminates short films at the Mystic

‘Luma Illuminates short films at the Mystic

April 26, 2016

Santa Rosa Junior College and the Petaluma Film Alliance will celebrate their eighth annual film festival May 7 consisting of short films, accompanied by panels of directors, actors and other professionals to discuss each film with the audience. Each...

SRJC media studies instructor Dr. Tony Kashani shares his vision on how cinematic experiences affect people’s lives through social transformation.

SRJC media instructor Dr. Tony Kashani speaks about the importance of cinema art

March 8, 2016

Movies affect people in a global sense; it’s not a Hollywood phenomenon. “The purpose of [cinema] art is to communicate in humanistic terms a sense of well-being,” said Santa Rosa Junior College media studies instructor Dr. Tony Kashani. More than 1...

Petaluma Cinema Series

Petaluma Cinema Series

February 23, 2016

The Petaluma Cinema Series returns for another semester with a host of new and fantastic independent films to watch and learn about. Series organizer Mike Traina promises an exciting set of films this semester with Oscar-nominated films included in the li...

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