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Students and faculty come together in the Bertolini Rotary Center for a presentation on body image and mental health held by the SRJC PEERS Coalition

PEERS Coalition holds body image and mental health presentation at SRJC

March 12, 2020

How you think about your own body may affect your mental health, according to a March 5 presentation and panel discussion held by the SRJC PEERS Coalition. The PEERS Coalition is a Student Health Services program led by students to raise awareness o...

SRJC conducted a survey last spring asking students to report on their mental health during the last 12 months..

BCARE SRJC’s improved crisis response team

December 12, 2019

The statistics are alarming. In a 2019 survey of Santa Rosa Junior College students, 85% reported they felt overwhelmed, 64% said they felt overwhelming anxiety, 54% felt hopeless and 45% said they had been so depressed it was difficult to function. As...

Brent Woods balances his major's 3D design and animation coursework with his welding classes while taking care of his post-fire PTSD.

Finding tranquility in chaos

December 13, 2018

He flips down his welding helmet and focuses on the task at hand. The air around him feels thick, the heat in the classroom oppressive from his latest assignment. He lights his torch and watches a flame dance from its tip, a flame he’ll use to melt multiple metals dur...

Daisy Garnica: A real life phoenix

Daisy Garnica: A real life phoenix

December 13, 2018

Dakota McGranahan Daisy Garnica turned on the faucet of her aunt’s glass-doored shower and stepped inside. Adjusting the temperature, she sat under the showerhead, letting the water beat against her skin. Then she burst into tears. “I remember sitt...

Gun control is once again in the national spotlight, but other related issues deserve recognition.

Gun control: Not the only solution

April 3, 2018

Guns are an easy target for activists. They’re loud, scary-looking and they account for just over 70 percent of multiple homicides. But the issue of school shootings stems less from guns, and more from a lack of resources for students struggling with m...

Student utilizes therapy dogs provided by Paws As Loving Support during the SRJC Strong event.

SRJC fire response prevents drop-outs

November 16, 2017

The number of students seeking mental health services at Santa Rosa Junior College has doubled since last month’s fires, and the administration covered all its bases to successfully prevent mass disenrollment. Dean of Student Affairs Robert Ethington led...

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