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Chelsea Wood
           Chelsea is a journalism major who has been with The Oak Leaf for two semesters and is now the Opinion Editor. She’s completed almost every journalism class and will be graduating SRJC with a journalism certificate Spring 2018. She will transfer to Humboldt State University in the fall to complete here bachelor’s degree. After college she plans on becoming a travel journalist who will cover culture, cuisine, female roles and rights as well as the environmental states of the places she visits.

                                                                                                       In her free time she enjoys acrylic painting, some of which she gives away as part of the Sonoma County Instagram event, Free Art Friday an online art scavenger hunt where local artists are able to hide art and post clue pictures for the public to find. She also loves spending time with her four cats; Tofu, Shumai, Loki and Lily as well as crappily singing in the car, shower and pretty much anywhere people aren’t around.

Chelsea Wood, Opinion Editor

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Chelsea Wood