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SuenaTron hypes an excitable crowd at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, California. The band is currently working on its first album and has not yet set a release date.

San Jose’s SuenaTron seeks to reform latin music

January 21, 2020

The Mystic Theater in Petaluma clamoured with dancing feet and sweaty audience members enthralled with the new age spanish sound emanating from San Jose-based band SuenaTron.  “If you have a drink in your hand, I want you to raise it now. Salud!” S...

Los manifestantes muestran un cartel de


December 13, 2017

¿Sabía que hay cerca de 11.3 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados viviendo en los Estados Unidos? Se estima que entre 7,000 y 13,000 están matriculados en universidades. Ya sea que crea que DACA debe continuar o no, es importante considerar qu...

The language of cultural change speaks volumes for a generation of multiple ethnicities.

Latinx: Does “X” mark the spot for those of Latin descent?

December 12, 2017

One of Ellen Valazquez’s maternal ancestors was raped by a Spaniard. The scars have been passed on for generations. “I am Latina,” Velazquez said without hesitating. “But I don’t like ‘Hispanic;’ it’s in regards to being of Spanish d...

Los manifestantes muestran un cartel de

#Defend DACA

December 12, 2017

Did you know there are close to 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States? An estimated 7,000 to 13,000 are enrolled in colleges throughout the U.S. Whether you believe DACA should continue or not, it’s important to consider wh...

A real estate sign on Sebastopol Road, touting the recent annexation of Roseland as a selling point.

Annexation’s rose-colored glasses

December 3, 2017

There’s a neighborhood in Santa Rosa that once existed within a bureaucratic purgatory realm. The neighborhood is part of a 715 acre, concrete chain of five islands, situated inside Sonoma County yet outside of any city limits. It’s an area consider...

UndocuFund is just one of several organizations raising money for undocumented fire victims.

UndocuFund ayuda a personas indocumentadas

November 18, 2017

En respuesta a la destrucción que los incendios de North Bay que causaron a la comunidad de inmigrantes indocumentados, el programa UndocuFund comenzó a recaudar fondos para ayudar a las víctimas del incendio que no son representadas y que no pueden...

UndocuFund is just one of several organizations raising money for undocumented fire victims.

Organizations raise funds for undocumented fire victims

November 18, 2017

In response to the destruction the North Bay fires caused to the community of undocumented immigrants, the UndocuFund program began raising funds to help victims of the fire who are not represented and who can not receive federal assistance. An estim...

The first annual Roseland Community Festival plans to showcase the neighborhood with a hybrid of art and culture.

A new community festival blooms in Roseland

September 28, 2017

A city isn’t complete without the unique flavor and vibrant community provided by the presence of a Latino neighborhood. In Oakland, it’s Fruitvale. In San Francisco, it’s the Mission District. In Santa Rosa, it’s Roseland. The first annual...

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