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Better to burn out than to fade away: A right and proper response to the climate crisis

September 20, 2019

Note: This story contains vulgarity  Nothing we do in this college, in this society, with the approval of old and evil people will save the world. But they were never going to save the world. They were the ones sick enough to wreck it in the first p...

Learn while you can, party when convenient

Learn while you can, party when convenient

September 20, 2019

I did not want to jump, yet I wanted more than ever to feel the crisp Oregon water swallow me whole. The rocks were uneven, my feet’s grip on the perforated cliff shaky and apprehensive. My heart raced and clawed its way up to my throat. I don’t ...

Mahoney (top) and Doyle (bottom) libraries are two buildings at Santa Rosa Junior College that offer student's individual and group work spaces.

5 unknown benefits of the SRJC libraries

February 23, 2019

A student will spend most of their college career studying outside of class, and the best place to study without distraction is the library. Of course Santa Rosa Junior College’s libraries offer a quiet space for students to study, but they also pro...

College students' survival guide for living at home

College students’ survival guide for living at home

December 13, 2018

Olivia Mulligan You unload an enormous backpack, shoulders throbbing and head pounding from another day at Santa Rosa Junior College. Before you can dart into your room unnoticed, your parents are already nagging about the FAFSA and whether it was your day to chau...

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