SRJC baseball team loses first game of the season to the Mission Saints 9-3


Garrett Ashton

Freshman first baseman Connor Charpiot tags a Mission runner early in the Bear Cubs’ loss to Mission College.

Tony Moeckel, Reporter

Despite a strong start from Santa Rosa Junior College, the Bear Cubs dropped their first game of the season to the Mission Saints 9-3 on Feb. 2 at Sypher Field. 

The Bear Cubs entered their third game of the season 2-0, after a series sweep against Chabot college. Both games were close, but the Bear Cubs’ strong batters propelled them to victory, winning 5-3 in the first game and 8-7 the second game.

Tyler Stasiowski pitched for the Bear Cubs to start off the game, and the Bear Cubs defense didn’t allow any runs until the sixth inning. Stasiowski had over four strikeouts in the game and helped the Bear Cubs offense get a lead early on.

In the bottom of the second inning, catcher Jack Gallagher scored an RBI single to bat in fellow teammate, infielder Connor Charpiot, for the game’s first score. The next three batters for the Bear Cubs were unable to do anything in the bottom of the third inning with all of them unable to get on base.

Charpiot scored his second run of the day on another RBI single, this time hit by outfielder Bryce Cannon in the bottom of the fourth inning. The Bear Cubs scored again to make the game 3-0 before the Saints scored nine unanswered runs through the last four innings.

After making a pitcher change in the top of the sixth inning, the Bear Cubs gave up a two-run home run to the Saints and proceeded to give up an additional three runs in the seventh inning. The real collapse came in the top of the ninth inning where the Bear Cubs gave up four runs to the Saints. 

In the bottom of the ninth inning, outfielder Jared Sundstrom hit a single to get the Bear Cubs started and stole second base right after but was unable to be batted in because the Saints forced three quick outs. 

The Bear Cubs are down 0-1 in their two game series with the Saints and will play Game 2 of the series at 1 p.m. Saturday at Mission College’s home baseball field.