The Oak Leaf

Jane Saldaña-Talley brings a calm and collaborative leadership style to SRJC's No. 2 leadership position.

Turning over a new leaf

December 13, 2018

Jane Saldaña-Talley begins every morning with meditation. Using a phone app, she dedicates part of her morning routine to collecting her thoughts and finding peace. Meditation allows her to be more present in the moment and furthers her ability to listen. She’s committed to...

Santa Rosa Junior College student Jacob Beal is all geared up to hike 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association and make peace with his mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Finding purpose and peace on the Pacific Crest

December 13, 2018

Jacob Beal will wake early along the Mexican border and make his way to the Pacific Crest Trail, staring down 2,650 miles of wilderness linking the trailhead with its final destination at the Canadian border. Completing the trail will take roughly six...

Rose Hammock dances during the 2017 Sunrise Ceremony at the Ya-ka-ama in Forestville, California. Photo provided by Hammock.

The sunrise ceremony

December 12, 2017

Angelica root. Sweet grass. Pepperwood leaves. White mountain sage. Thanksgiving morning smells different for Rose Hammock, 21, a SRJC student studying early childhood education and behavioral sciences. At 4:30 a.m. Hammock lights each plant and...

Student Government Assembly President Evelyn Navarro is spearheading efforts to help SRJC students get their voices heard by SGA and SRJC administration as well.

From low GPA to President of SGA

December 12, 2017

There is a common misconception that successful Santa Rosa Junior College students follow a linear academic path straight from high school. Student president Evelyn Navarro, 24, seeks to challenge more than one convention in her role at SRJC. “The...

Santa Rosa Junior College student Alex Simms had to flee the Tubbs Fire twice on the night of Oct.
9. Simms’ anxiousness to resume her routine drove her to return to school as soon as possible. PC Rachel Edelstein

Feeling the loss

October 31, 2017

A day of celebration turned into a nightmare for a Santa Rosa Junior College communications major. Alex Simms, 21, lived in the Upper Brush Creek neighborhood of Santa Rosa. On Sunday night, Oct. 8, she returned from shopping for her dad’s upcoming birthd...

Kiani Bush is trying to resume classes at the SRJC this semester after losing her
home on Oct. 9. She lost all of her school supplies and textbooks in the blaze. PC Rachel Edelstein

In the knick of time

October 31, 2017

Santa Rosa Junior College student Kiani Bush’s next-door neighbor pounded on her aunt’s door at 1 a.m. on Oct. 9. Moments later her aunt burst into her room, telling her to pack a bag; they had to leave now. The power was out so Bush, 20, used the flas...

Michelle Poggi, Santa Rosa Junior College director of student outreach, lost her home in the devastating
firestorm. Pool water became sludge filled with ash and other debris. PC James Wyatt

Memories: What can never be recovered will never be forgotten

October 31, 2017

Metal, ceramic and ash are all that remain at the site of a Coffey Park lot someone once called home. For Michelle Poggi, Santa Rosa Junior College director of student outreach, the memory of times spent in her family’s 28-year home on Astaire Co...

Rincon Valley fire investigator shares her story

Rincon Valley fire investigator shares her story

October 31, 2017

Fire Prevention Officer Cyndi Foreman woke early Monday morning in her Windsor home to radio calls of structure fires on Mark West Springs Road, and a Sheriff’s Deputy trapped by a wall of flames. Upon hearing the call, Foreman knew it was time for he...

SRJC student Nathan Lauterbach doesn’t recognize the hill where his family home once stood. The entire landscape was destroyed by the fire, along with his neighborhood. PC Rachel Edelstein

Surrounded by flames

October 31, 2017

Nathan Lauterbach smelled smoke as he was getting ready for bed around 10 p.m. on Oct. 8. He was at his family’s home on Heights Road east of Larkfield. He checked CAL FIRE, but its map showed the fire was far away, so he went to sleep. At 1 a.m. his...

Antes y durante las fotos de la casa de Daisy Garnica en Coffey Park.

Estudiante Pierde Su Casa en Tubbs Fire

October 31, 2017

Daisy Garnica, de 19 años, estudiante de Santa Rosa Junior College, regresó a su vecindario de Coffey Park a las 10 a.m. el pasado 10 de octubre, después de evacuar un día antes y encontró su casa en cenizas. El incendio de Tubbs destruyó su casa...

Memories lost

Michael Barnes, Co-Features Editor

October 31, 2017

For residents of Coffey Park, the Tubbs Fire reduced lifelong memories to mounds of smouldering ash in a matter of hours. Second-year SRJC student Craig Lowry, 18, was among the residents sifting through rubble after the smoke cleared. On a day when Lowry would normally be sitting in an air-conditioned classroom, he found himself laboring under a layer of dense, toxic smoke and shoveling the remnants of a friend’s home into a wheelbarrow to aid in the search for a fir...

Warning signs: SRJC baseball coach loses home, recovers coveted State Championship ring

Albert Gregory, Managing Editor

October 31, 2017

It took three signs of trouble for Tom Francois, a Santa Rosa Junior College assistant baseball coach, to realize he needed to evacuate his Fountaingrove home of 19 years during the Tubbs Fire. He initially woke up at about 2 a.m., noticed the power was out, and heard the wind knocking things around. He decided it wasn't anything serious and returned to bed. He woke up 10 minutes later and could smell smoke, but still decided it was nothing. “I figured wind must'...

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