Oak Leaf Gaming Podcast Episode 7: When the Devs Speak

Oak Leaf Gaming Podcast Episode 7: When the Devs Speak

We all love a good video game, but not every video game developer has a good relationship with their fans. Today, Sam hosts the Oak Leaf Gaming podcast and we discuss what we want from video game developers and some examples of what to do and what not to do.

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About the Contributors
Jesus Lopez Cruz
Jesus Lopez Cruz, Reporter
Jesus Lopez Cruz is in his third semester of taking The Oak Leaf. He's majoring in journalism and hoping to transfer to Chico State in 2026. Holds hopes to move to Nashville Tennessee and find a reporter job there.
Sam Guzman
Sam Guzman, Editor
Sam Guzman is in his 2nd semester at the Oak Leaf, and is currently working towards transferring to San Francisco State to major in journalism next Fall.
Lucas Cadigan-Carranza
Lucas Cadigan-Carranza is in his fourth semester at The Oak Leaf. He has been at SRJC for much longer, having already earned his degrees in English, game programming and humanities. While not usually an overachiever, he has decided to go for the journalism major as well due to the subject providing a much greater interest. He has enjoyed his time as The Oak Leaf's Theatre Arts reporter but also very much enjoys talking about video games.
Natalie Emanuele
Natalie Emanuele, Reporter
Natalie Emanuele (she/her) is in her first semester on the Oak Leaf, but has attended SRJC prior to joining. She is very passionate about the arts and pop culture, and has no shortage of niche internet phenomena to share. She looks forward to sharing (or perhaps cursing) the public with this knowledge… if any of her articles see the light of day. When not writing she enjoys baking, drawing and playing cozy video games.

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