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The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

The Last Time

Photo Illustration by Edgar Soria Garcia

Alissa and Daniel walked out of the theater at night. 

“I don’t understand, so he was the killer or was it his mom?” Alissa asked. 

Daniel scoffed, “His mom is the killer; Jason doesn’t come in until the second film, babe.” 

Alissa shook her head and crossed her arms. “I don’t know man, this scary movie stuff isn’t my thing. Shit’s gross.” 

Daniel laughed and put his arm around Alissa. “But you stomached it like a champ.” 

Alissa laughed as they walked towards the elevator. Before the door could open, a bloodied, dirt-ridden woman grabbed onto Daniel’s coat.

“Help me, help me please, it’s still alive, please!” the woman screamed hysterically. 

Daniel pushed her off, “Ugh, get off of me, hag!”

The woman fell back as Daniel rushed Alissa to the elevator. 

“Please, I’m not crazy!” the woman screamed. 

Alissa rapidly pressed the door-shut button and doors closed. “God, the homeless problem is getting worse here,” she said. 

Daniel dusted off his jacket in disgust, “Damn hag, she ruined my good jacket.”

They got into the car and drove out of the lot. They checked to see if the woman was still there. She wasn’t. Instead, all they saw was a trail of blood.

Daniel took the back roads and a one-way street through quiet suburbs to Alissa’s and then noticed something in the distance. Alissa squinted and immediately froze. 

“W-what is that?” she asked pointing. Daniel stopped the car. A pale, human-like creature hunched over something in the road ahead of them, crunching flesh and bone between its teeth. 

Daniel rolled his eyes. “It’s just another fucking homeless person getting in the goddamn way!” 

Daniel hopped out of the car and walked toward the figure. 

“Babe, no, you don’t know if he’s crazy and might attack you! Let’s just go around!” Alissa pleaded. 

Daniel walked over to the figure. “Hey man, get the hell out of the way! I’m trying to drive here!” 

The figure stopped eating and froze. 

Daniel got closer and patted him on the back, “Excuse me? Can you speak English!?” 

The creature turned its head slowly. The sound of its bones cracking and loud breathing echoed.

Alissa gasped in horror, speechless. 

Daniel jumped back. 

“What the hell!?” he cried. The creature’s black eyes were sunk deeply into their sockets, its teeth bloody, and its gums black. It looked at Daniel and screeched. 

Daniel ran back to the car but the creature pounced on him as Alissa cried his name. She leapt out of the car and ran toward him. The creature looked up at her as Daniel struggled to get out of its grip. Alissa grabbed a stick and frantically hit it. 

The creature raised its long arm with knife-like hands as Alissa looked up in horror. It slashed her and she fell to the ground. 

“Aliss…!” The creature stabbed Daniel’s back through his stomach as Daniel began coughing up blood. “A…A…Alissa…run,” Daniel muttered as the creature took a bite out of the back of his neck, then cawed. 

Alissa tearfully watched, unable to form words as she struggled to get up. The creature began feasting on Daniel’s corpse. Alissa tried to escape while it was distracted. She began to crawl away, gaining momentum. The creature turned its dead eyes to her. Letting out a horrid screech, it began walking toward her. 

She grunted and cried, limping now as fast as she could toward the car, the creature following her. The creature grabbed her leg, but she was able to kick its hand off and get in the car. It sliced her as it let go.

She started the car, stomped on the accelerator and yelled, “Go to hell!” as she ran over the creature. 

She stopped the car next to Daniel and cried. The creature stood up and cracked its back loudly. Alissa looked at the rearview mirror to see it sprinting toward her. She panicked and drove away. 

She headed downtown toward the police station for help as the creature continued behind her. It slashed a tire as she maneuvered down city streets to the theater. 

She lost control and when she looked up she saw a light pole and smashed right into it. In the rearview mirror she saw the creature get closer.

Alissa crawled out of the car and saw a couple walking by the theater. She stumbled and limped and grabbed onto the man’s jacket. “Help me, help me please, it’s still alive, please!” 

The man pushed her off. “Ugh! Get off me, hag!” 

Alissa  fell to the floor. 

“Please! I’m not crazy!” she cried as the elevator doors closed.

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Edgar Soria Garcia
Edgar Soria Garcia, Magazine Editor
Edgar Soria Garcia is in his final semester at The Oak Leaf; he is the magazine editor for Spring 2020. He hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton in the fall to get his bachelor’s in journalism. Edgar would describe himself as Shangela acting as Jennifer Lewis on Snatch Game (Rupaul’s Drag Race). Edgar is known for quoting Suga Free: “If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready.”

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