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Meet Me In Orbit

Brannan (left) and Bews (right) playing a set at The Great American Music Hall. The pair have played music together for two years.

Estefany Gonzalez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Bay Area band Meet Me in Orbit recorded its first EP in a small two- bedroom apartment in Walnut Creek. Though the members recorded the EP at home, the clear, crisp sounds earned the band enough attention to enter into Live 105’s regular radio rotation.
The electro-pop duo has only played a total of 10 live shows, but already the band is starting to grow a large following. This momentum earned the pair an invitation to play a music festival with popular bands like Silversun Pickups, Fritz And The Tantrums and The Offspring.
Synth player Brandon Bews grew up listening to “emo music,” and singer Jared Brannan said he listened to “R&B like Boyz 2 Men,” yet the two manage to make a perfect blend of music all their own.
The pair met four years ago while working at a corporate office and hit it off instantly.
They bonded over a love of outer space and bands M83 and CHVRCHES. Eventually they moved in together, but didn’t start making music until two years later, when they bought a synthesizer on a whim.
They intended to create a webpage using the name Meet Me in Orbit for the site. The plan was to post short animation films on the page and use the synthesizer to make accompanying music. Instead, they focused on creating lively music with a soft touch.
Their current plans include releasing a full-length album and fulfilling their goal of playing a show wearing sunglasses, at the 2016 Live 105 BFD festival.

Q: What was it like to hear your song on the radio for the first time?
Brannan: We were waiting in the living room because we knew we were going to get played. The song came on; it was the weirdest feeling ever. Both of our girlfriends came in for a hug but we pushed them out of the way and went straight for each other.
Bews: He played it [Live 105 DJ Aaron Axelsen] and said it sounded a little like M83or Washed Out. I just remember we got up and our girlfriends were all excited like “Aw, guys congratulations,” and we just zoned in on each other. I was like crying a little bit. Not super crying, just misty crying.
Describe each other in three words.
Brannon: I would say compulsive, organized and super-weird.
Bews: Is there a hyphen?
Brannon: Yeah, super dash weird.
Bews: Did you say compulsive? OK, you’re impulsive.
Brannon: What’s the difference?
Bews: I think compulsive is more weird and obsessed.
Brannon: It’s a compliment dude, just take it.
Bews: Jared can have impulsive.
Brannon: I said three kind of honest things.
Bews: You were like, you’re super-weird. You’re compulsive, but you’re also organized, but it makes sense that you’re organized because you’re compulsive and super-weird. Does musically talented have a hypen? Impulsive and super-weird. I was pretty offended by that one so I’m firing it back.
Brannon: This feels more like a therapy session.
If you were stranded on an island, what one thing would you want to bring with you?
Bews: Is there electricity? Do you guys know what happens to our lives without electricity? They’re gone.
Brannon: Yeah, we can’t play music anymore with out that.
Bews: I want my X-box but I can’t do that. If I bring my ipad, it’s just going to die.
Brannon: Maybe an acoustic guitar.
Bews: That would look super good on an island. That’s great.
Brannon: This is actually a really hard question, can we come back to it?
What made you guys start playing music together?
Bews: Well, we both like space.
Brannon: That’s actually a big part of it. Meet Me in Orbit started [when] I was on the fence about buying this synthesizer. We talked about this; he’s a web designer. He was like, “I’ll start a website and call it and put synthesizer tracks to the website.”
Bews: That’s right; we bought the URL. I was going to make animations to whatever you had.
Brannon: It was mainly out of boredom.
What one album would you listen to if it were stuck in your car stereo?
Brannon: “Hurry up, We’re Dreaming” by M83.
Bews: Well, which disc?
Brannon: Oh, come on.
Bews: No, it’s a two-disc album. You have to answer.
Brannon: Probably disc two.
Bews: I don’t think I can do disc one or we’d look like we’re M83 obsesed. What’s something I’ve been listening to?
Brannon: Dude, I don’t know what you listen to.
Back to the island question.
Brannon: A soccer ball.
Bews: SPF 50.