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One of Guy Tillotson's demonstrations to enlighten students about the total cost of single-use plastic bottles.

Student Senate resolves to ban single-use plastics on campuses statewide

April 23, 2020

Santa Rosa Junior College’s districtwide movement to ban single use plastics took another step forward April 5 when the Student Senate representing 115 California Community Colleges approved a resolution suggesting all outside vendors who sell food on community college campuses should replace single-use plastics with sustainable products by 2025.  Within the next five years, concessionaires at every community college in the state — whether they sell food at the cafeteria in Santa Rosa or from a coffee cart in San Diego — must swap single-use plasti...

The new reusable straws can withstand heated and cool beverages and will cost $3.

SRJC Student Government Assembly to sell reusable straws as first step toward campus plastic ban

September 24, 2019

Student Government Assembly plans to sell reusable silicone straws by late September as the first step in a future single-use plastic ban at Santa Rosa Junior College. Santa Rosa Vice President of Student Life Dakota McGranahan is working on the sin...

Removing old liner, rocks and cardboard used for weed prevention during the wait for a delivery of new topsoil.

Elliott Avenue’s Garden Makeover

March 6, 2019

For Santa Rosa Junior College students, walking down Elliott Avenue isn’t exactly a scenic path. Overgrown weeds, invasive shrubbery and brittle blades of yellow grass grimace at students meandering between classes. Not only are the front yards of these SRJC-o...

Sacrifice convenience for sustainability

Sacrifice convenience for sustainability

March 17, 2018

What do we want? Coffee. When do we want it? Now. Starbucks churns through 4 billion disposable cups globally per year. Fast food restaurants feed 50 million Americans daily. Twenty percent of all American meals are eaten in cars. This paints a grim p...

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