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The San Francisco 49ers' Katie Sowers is the first female to coach in the Super Bowl, taking the field against the Kansas City Chiefs as an offensive assistant.

Why female coaches matter in male professional leagues

February 25, 2020

History was made earlier this year when women made headlines on  coaching staffs in two professional sporting leagues. On Jan. 9, Alyssa Nakken took her place as the first female full-time coach in Major League Baseball, for the San Francisco Giants; o...

May 13, 1959: After having their homes destroyed by bulldozers, Chavez Ravine residents Manuel Augustine, left, Ivy Augustine (sweeping), Ira Augustine (baby), Victoria Augustine (woman in doorway) and Abrana Arechiga lived in a trailer.

Dodger blues

October 24, 2017

Congratulations Los Angeles. Your Dodgers finally made it back to the World Series after a 29-year hiatus from Major League Baseball’s fall classic. The same Dodgers franchise that jettisoned their Brooklyn home in 1957 in favor of La La Land; en...

Baseball Podcast: Chin Music Episode No. 1

April 23, 2017 Anthony Sosa, Will Mathis and Parker Dangers Oncken discuss baseball topics on the first episode of Chin Music.

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