Oak Leaf’s College Football Week 11 Top-25 Rankings


Courtesy of ESPN

Attila LS Gero, Ian MacGregor, Isaiah Cappelen, Sports Section

Ian: “UCF continues to climb my rankings. The only reason they aren’t higher is their weak schedule. Michigan is sadly now a top-four team, though I remain confident in Ohio State’s ability to beat them later this month. Will Grier looks like QB1 and has West Virginia rolling. I’m putting Clemson on upset alert at Boston College this week.”

Attila LS Gero: “It’s time for me to face the music, Oklahoma does not have a complete enough team to compete with the other top teams in the nation. Although their offense is more than great, the Sooners’ defense is hot trash. Nothing matters this season anyway, Alabama is going 15-o and taking that Natty back to Tuscaloosa. On a less cynical note, West Virginia and Michigan are heating up and playing their best football late in the season.”

Isaiah: “I don’t like UCF but I can’t keep denying them a high spot in my rankings. I would also like to see Michigan beat Ohio State because I think Urban Meyer is a jackass. Other than that, I like what I’m seeing from classic programs this year like Texas and Florida making a name for themselves, though they’ve taken Ls in recent weeks.”