Sports rules that need to be changed


Tom Miller, Staff Writer

With major sports growing increasingly popular, it becomes easier to recognize which rules are wreaking havoc on the integrity of the sport and needs fixing.

College Football Targeting

 The new targeting rule is something that needs help. Sometimes the targeting penalty can take a good five to 10 minutes away from the game. Many times, a shoulder is hit not the head on a play but is still penalized as targeting. A player should never get thrown out of a game for something defensive players are meant to do, which is deliver big hits.

Time Clock in Soccer

 Soccer needs a time clock like Argentine needs Messi. Basketball has a time clock and soccer should too. Referees keeping time on the field is outdated. How can the ref call the game and watch his clock at the same time? There should be an official on the clock.

Pitch Count

 In baseball, why bother to count pitches? This is the nuttiest thing to ever come into the game. Pitchers don’t need to throw 15 minutes in the bullpen, and eight pitches in between innings. I wonder what Bob Gibson would have said if they had tried to take him out of the World Series. He would have said, “Get the hell out of here.” Managers aren’t managers anymore. They are bean counters. If a manager makes six or more pitching changes in a game, one of those six pitchers will be a lemon.