Oak Leaf’s College Football Top-25 Rankings


Courtesy of ESPN

Welcome to the Oak Leaf’s College Football Top-25 Rankings. Check back each week to find which teams rise and fall in the rankings over the course of the college football season.  The rankings are a collaborative article between our staff writer Isaiah Cappelen; our two sports editors Attila LS Gero and Ian MacGregor; and our co-editor-in-chief Matthew Wreden.

Matt: “I want to see the Pac-12 get a few names into the top 10. I hope to see true-freshman, JT Daniels, not only thrive, but lead USC back to the Pac-12 Championship Game.”

Attila: “Teams I’m low on in my top-25 are Notre Dame and Michigan. I expect West Virginia and Florida State to make some noise in their respective divisions.

Ian: “I want to see how Ohio State responds to the questionable decision making and ethics of head coach Urban Meyer.”

Isaiah: “Seeing Oregon get back into the mix this year would be a great sight to see. Hopefully, the College Football Committee will realize after this season, they should re-do the CFP structure, increasing its size to more than four teams.