Cam Newton: misfit or misunderstood


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Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton dabbing. Many people are criticized Cam for his celebration antics in the 2015-16 season.

Frank Sumrall , Staff Writer

Cam Newton has come a long way to silence critics, but his shady past makes it hard for fans to forgive him, developing him into an easy target despite his character. Whether it was his dancing, interviews or his past, people can’t seem to forgive him.

Controversy began at the University of Florida where Newton stole another student’s laptop and was arrested. He transferred to Blinn Community College for a year when the charges were dropped, then to the University of Auburn where he gained fame for winning the Heisman Trophy and BCS National Championship.

More controversy came when the NCAA investigated Auburn for illegal recruiting, but the investigation ended with Auburn’s action clean involving Newton.

Newton’s been successful in the NFL. In 2015 Newton led the Panthers, an estimated five win team, to the Super Bowl. In a world of professional sports, where winning the title is everything, it was a nice change of pace to see Newton and company enjoy time on the field. Carolina shocked the world with a 15-1 record; and Newton won the MVP award due to his maturity. Newton continued to show his generosity by giving every touchdown ball to anxious kids. He later received the Ed Block Courage Award for his off-field contributions in Charlotte and Atlanta.

But the dancing became a problem for fans when he started to win.

When the Super Bowl came around, his performance was once again criticized for poor sportsmanship after he darted out of an interview. Despite other athletes like Peyton Manning who showed the same conduct in his first Super Bowl loss, Newton was criticized the most.

While Newton tried to forgive his careless and illegal past, his critics continue to heckle. Newton is an amazing athlete who will be a force for years to come. Of all the athletes to shame, Newton should be one of the last on the list as he has redeemed his past.