The best NBA team ever?

Parker Dangers Oncken, Sports Editor

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An offense as explosive as any the NBA has ever seen complements a defense that strangles its opponents with frantic switching and huge wingspans.

Flurries of three-pointers rain down on opposing teams more often than Donald Trump insults Mexicans, quickly turning close games into blowouts, while a rabid defense leads to fast breaks and easy buckets.

This is the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors, and there is nothing this team doesn’t do well.

Through the season’s first eight games, the Warriors are a perfect 8-0. They lead the league in both offense and defense, scoring 115 points per game, surrendering just 97 points per contest. With an average margin of victory of 18 points, this team is not only winning games, it is absolutely dominating the rest of the league.

It is impossible to attribute Golden State’s dominance to an easy schedule. The team has quickly made an early season habit of running 2014-2015 playoff teams off the floor with ease, claiming victories over the Houston Rockets, New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies by an average of 21 points per game.

As Golden State continues to dominate, it begs to question; is this the best NBA team of all time?

The statistics say yes. The eyeball test supports the statistics. This team is next-level on both ends of the court. Having already won a championship with relative ease last season, this year’s version of the Warriors looks decisively better in all aspects of the game.

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry is playing out of his mind, having improved upon his 2014-2015 season in every measurable way. He has become the face of the NBA, its best and most entertaining player, captaining a juggernaut that is only getting better.

As incredible as Curry has been in the early going, the team’s other offensive stars haven’t yet hit their stride. Klay Thompson has yet to have a breakout game, and the team’s starting center Andrew Bogut has played in just two games due to a concussion.

Is it possible for a team to dominate at such a level without yet finding its rhythm?

Once again, the answer is yes, yes and yes.

The Warriors will win as many games as they want to win this season, and with any luck they will set the new NBA record for wins with 73.

As you watch the Warriors this season, savor each moment. You are watching an all-time team in its prime.

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