SRJC Football milks Rams in Clo’s Classic


SRJC wide receiver Andre Davis demonstrates proper technique for returning second-half kickoffs.

Erik Jorgensen

SRJC Bear Cubs’ 30-23 battery over Fresno City College’s Rams in Saturday night’s 12th Annual Clo’s Classic dialed their season record up to 4-1. The Rams’ first kickoff return ended with an injured player followed by a third down fumble, while the Bear Cubs’ first play caught a first down pass conversion.

Bear Cubs quarterback Mike Pierson’s pass to wide receiver Andre Davis raised the voltage for a nine-play charge against the current for a touchdown pass to running back Darrian Roman.

The Rams discharged their next possession in the end zone, intercepted by linebacker Vaimaa Taito. A field goal from kicker Levi Paine ionized the Bear Cubs lead to 10-0. The Rams scored a touchdown, caught an interception and kicked a field goal to tie the game. Pierson hurled another lightning bolt into the end zone to thunder the halftime score to 17-10.

The second half got jump started when Davis zapped his kickoff return straight into the end zone for a 23-10 lead. Pierson said, “Andre was due for that. He’s a big player for us, and that really got us going.” Blake Richmond, free safety, said, “That gave us a big boost; we really needed that to get fired up, to play better with that energy.”

Rams player Justice Sarcedo’s interception for a run-in touchdown brought the score to 23-17 with nine minutes remaining in the third quarter.

In the middle of the fourth quarter, the Rams punter dropped a bad snap at fourth-and-43. By the time he recovered the ball for a quick kick, a force-field of Bear Cubs deflected the ball back for a first down recovery on the Rams’ 5-yard line. Anderson bolted across the line, amping up the score to 30-20 with 6:21 remaining.

The kickoff return started the Rams on their 34-yard line, and their long fourth-and-3 pass converted to first down on the Bear Cubs 7-yard line. The Rams couldn’t snap the trap but a field goal butted their final score to 30-23. With two minutes remaining Taito pulled down another interception and the Bear Cubs ran the clock out to victory.

Davis said a feeling of family united and charged up the team for Saturday’s victory. Pierson agreed with the bonding chemistry of family and said, “I’ve never been part of such an awesome team of guys. We’re going to take our bye week seriously and come out strong.”