SRJC Men’s Basketball set to make state championship run

Jenna Burkman, Staff Writer

The SRJC men’s basketball team is looking to build upon its successful 26-6 record from last season.

Sophomore forward Brandon Chavers wants to improve the team and has high expectations for the season.

“We want to win. When it comes down to it in the end we want to be labeled winners,” said Chavers. “We expect everyone to compete every time they step out on the court whether it’s a practice or a game.”

The Bear Cub’s have been a part of four tournaments this season including the CCSF tournament, the Fresno City tournament, the Monterey Peninsula tournament and most recently the Riverside City Tournament, leaving the team with a current overall record of 9-4.

With the Bear Cubs’ performance so far,  Chavers has already picked up on some of his team’s strengths. “We have a lot of great shooters, smart basketball players and chemistry. We also know our roles on the court,” Chavers said.

With conference play starting in less than a month, the Bear Cubs will need to turn their weaknesses into strengths. “We need more scoring inside. Also, our aggressiveness lacks at times. It needs to come naturally rather than Coach having to challenge us,” Chavers said.

Although head coach Craig McMillan and his staff are tough on the team, the Bear Cubs know they only have their best interests in mind. “They know what they’re talking about and they know how to use their players,” Chavers said. “At times we feel they’re hard on us but they teach us a lot of stuff and help us plenty.”

Along with persistent coaches, returning this year are players Bobby Sharp and Max Fuji who are taking over the role of captains. Both share a unique approach when it comes to leadership: they lead by example. “Bobby and Max are not vocal but they lead with their actions. They come ready every practice and every game,” Chavers said.

The Bear Cubs will host the annual Kris Kringle Tournament Dec. 20-22. The team will travel to Sacramento to face the Sacramento City Panthers for its first conference game at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 8.