Polar Bears beat UC Davis to remain undefeated

Spencer Harris, Staff Writer

The SRJC hockey team is undefeated this season and showed no signs of faltering in their last home game, beating the UC Davis Aggies 11-3.

This victory improves the team’s overall record this season to 8-0, and the Polar Bears are simply destroying the competition. This season the Polar Bears have beaten every opponent by two or more goals, outscoring their opponents by a total of 34 points. The team has scored 66 goals this season, while allowing only 27 goals.

In their latest victory the Polar Bears looked driven to win right from the face-off. Cam Davis, a forward who earned a hat trick, scored 2 goals within the first 2 minutes. Both goals were assisted by fellow forward Willie Billeter. Once the Polar Bears got their attack rolling there were no opportunities for the Aggies to fight back.

In addition to Davis, Aiaksei Kulikouskiy, Bobby Reiber, Jason Toft and Adam Johnson were all able to score in the first period. Kulikouskiy, who scored 2 goals and earned 2 assists, had the only unassisted goal in the first period. Reiber also had a fancy one-time slap shot, assisted by Johnson, from his own blue line, which he drilled with authority.

The Polar Bears were in total control the first period due to their great passing and even better communication. The team had a 6-0 lead after the first period.

In the second period the Aggies experienced their best opportunity to fight back by catching the Polar Bears off guard and scoring two back-to-back goals within 3 minutes. After the Aggies scored their second goal, the momentum shifted in the Aggies favor. However, the Polar Bears took control once again when Goaltender Danny Roy made an amazing across-the-body glove save after being caught out of position.

It was a rough second period for the Polar Bears having their goaltender caught out of position, giving up two unexpected goals and overall not looking as sharp as the first period. However, by the end of the second period the score was 8-3 and Polar Bears were on their way to victory.