Review: Cozy Plum Bistro


Malcolm Bess

Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich featuring plant-based cheese and bacon.

Malcolm Bess, Reporter

Cozy Plum Bistro | 1899 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa, California 95401 | (707) 526-3333 | Most entrees under $20

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Cozy Plum Bistro is as ambitious as it is delicious with a plant-based menu and a variety of dishes. Nowhere else in Santa Rosa can you order a burrito, chicken sandwich, pizza and nachos and have it all be vegan.  

The flavor and quality of the food is very high, however so are the prices.

The Spicy Classic chicken is delicious with a spicy sauce blend, and flavorful breading completely reminiscent of real chicken. It is however rather expensive starting at $14.50 without a side.

The Chile Verde Burrito is decadent and impressive featuring plant-based pork, which is slow-cooked in a tomatillo-based sauce then mixed with rice, beans, vegan cheese and salsa. While it is a good burrito it is a tad pricey starting at $16.50.  

The real shining star of the menu is the Mac & Cheese. The noodles are enveloped in an unbelievably rich and complex tasting sauce that is shockingly cheese-free. It’s then top it off with tomato, basil and other fresh ingredients. Starting at $8.50 a pint, the mac and cheese is reasonably priced, mouthwatering and a must-order.   

In essence, Cozy Plum Bistro is a welcome addition to Santa Rosa, with its fully plant-based vegan menu and laid-back atmosphere, however the prices are too high to be a staple for college students. 


The Breakdown

Category What were we looking for? Score out of 5
Packaging Neat? Sustainable? Did they remember cutlery? Napkins? Condiments? 4
Hygiene Was clerk wearing gloves? A mask? Both? Neither? What were the pick up and waiting areas like? Clean/neat? 5
Speed and accuracy Food was on counter ready for pickup 5
Portion size Was it filling or were you left wanting more? 3
Leftovers Were there leftovers and, if so, did they reheat well? 2
Quality of Food Freshness, quality of ingredients 4
Tastiness of Food Flavor, spice and texture 3
Customer Service Friendliness, responsiveness 4
Overall Rating With 5 being a perfect score, this restaurant rated: 3.75


Vegan chicken sandwich from the Cozy Plum
Spicy Classic Chicken Sandwich featuring plant-based cheese and bacon.
Macaroni and Cheese