Review: Zaina’s Bellini Cafe

Emma Molloy, Editor

Zaina’s Bellini Cafe | 7981 Old Redwood Hwy A, Cotati | (707) 664-5956 | Most entrees under $15

5 of 5 Oak Leaves

Signature Dishes

Traditional Eggs Benedict, Shawarma Nachos, Tabbouleh Salad, Falafel Wrap


Care to enjoy authentic mediterranean food with a delicious mimosa or bellini? From classic American dishes to Mediterranean cuisine, Zaina’s Bellini Cafe has a variety of affordable and tasty options.

Both mimosas and bellinis are made with champagne or prosecco; but mimosas are made with juice while bellinis use fruit purée. 

The cafe is a necessity to Cotati considering the lack of Mediterranean food in the area. They’re closed for indoor dining, but takeout, curbside pickup and delivery are available. Zaina’s offers quality customer service with order accuracy, speed and a friendly demeanor. Due to COVID-19 regulations, masks are required when entering the restaurant to order or pick-up food. 

The menu offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. Vegetarian and vegan choices are available as well as a children’s menu and a family special. Entrees are sizable and affordable ranging from $10-$15. Bellinis are fairly priced at $7, or $18 for a flight with a choice of 3 of their many flavors and $30 for bottle service. 

The falafel is perfectly crisped with a soft center and pairs wonderfully with their house-made baba ganoush or hummus. It can be ordered as a side dish, a wrap, a sandwich or in the falafel mezze plate with various sides including luscious roasted tomatoes. The wrap comes with a side of your choice and the seasoned french fries will not disappoint.

Starters like the Shawarma Nachos can serve as a meal for one or an appetizer for many. If you like bell peppers, you’re likely to love the Greek Salad. Not your traditional salad with lettuce, instead: a mixture of red, yellow and green bell peppers, tomato, feta, kalamata olives, cucumbers and a dash of fresh mint. 

The baklava is sweet yet savory, with a flaky shell and a gooey filling. The desert blends well with a peach bellini and even some leftover fries. 

Zaina’s is the perfect to-go brunch date with family or friends. Grab some bellinis, some classic breakfast or an authentic gyro to satisfy your hunger and brighten your day.

The Breakdown

Category What were we looking for? Score out of 5
Packaging Neat? Sustainable? Did they remember cutlery? Napkins? Condiments? 5
Hygiene Was clerk wearing gloves? A mask? Both? Neither? What were the pick up and waiting areas like? Clean/neat? 5
Speed and accuracy Food was on counter ready for pickup 5
Portion size Was it filling or were you left wanting more? 4
Leftovers Were there leftovers and, if so, did they reheat well? 4
Quality of Food Freshness, quality of ingredients 5
Tastiness of Food Flavor, spice and texture 5
Customer Service Friendliness, responsiveness 5
Overall Rating With 5 being a perfect score, this restaurant rated: 5