Review: Thai House

Peyton Krzyzek, Special to The Oak Leaf

Thai House | 525 4th St., Santa Rosa | (707) 526-3939 | Most entrees under $15

4.5 of 5 Oak Leaves

Signature Dishes

Noodle dishes, especially pad thai.


Typical soups may fulfill the basic requirements for warm comfort food, but the Thai house in downtown Santa Rosa truly knows how to make a quality curry that will leave you in a pleasant food coma.
Vegetables with a satisfying crunch, warm liquid running down your throat like a smooth stream, an unexpected heat rush as spices hit the back of your tongue are all experiences that come with eating at the Thai House.

Some restaurants are not up to standards when it comes to quarantine caution, but the Thai House was adequately prepared to handle this pandemic and offer swift and efficient services in trying times. From ordering to eating, the process only took 15 minutes and was not a disappointment.

Before even sampling, the first indication that this was going to be a good meal was when the aromatic scent of authentic spices immediately filled my house and lingered there for several hours after.

Out of the several dishes ordered, the yellow noodle curry was the most notable and one of the popular noodle dishes at this restaurant. Opening the eco-friendly container brings the sight of a large portion of warm soft noodles steaming upon a bed of crunchy bean sprouts.

The wrapped plastic container contained the soupy goodness of coconut curry sauce that engulfed crunchy vegetables bobbing in the golden broth. First bite was a creamy, flavorful, slightly spiced — but not overpowering — curry, mixed with thoroughly cooked vegetables. Potatoes were cooked perfectly to the point of being soft enough to be stabbed, but not too soft to the point of disintegration. Thinly sliced carrots provided an optimal level of crunch and cooked-ness that will leave your mouth yearning for another bite. There was an additional meat option for the curry, but tofu is an option for vegetarians and vegans. Good tofu is hard to come by but the Thai House’s is lightly toasted, fluffy, flavorful tofu that poses a serious competition to other Thai restaurants. Thin, lightly buttered noodles truly helped tie this entire meal together to make it an all around satisfying experience with a sense of home. The combination of crunchy veggies, a warm broth, toasted tofu and delectable noodles is the perfect combination to leave you going back for another bite, and another…and another.

Entrees are everything, but you can’t discredit the appetizers, and just like the curry, the Thai house was able to keep the same level of quality and taste with its apps. Crunchy spring rolls provided a healthy bite that is refreshing after being drowned in curry. Sturdy rice paper wrapping keeps these rolls tight and the crunchiness of the vegetables provide a fun element that keeps you biting. A surprising kick of cilantro came through, but the authentic peanut sauce eased the cilantro’s soapiness with a creamy, smooth peanut alternative.

Quality and efficient service accompanied with scrumptious food that will leave you feeling full for hours definitely sets the Thai house apart from competitors. If microwavable food isn’t cutting it, take a trip to the Thai house for some relatively inexpensive food that will satisfy those taste buds and leave you with a food baby after it’s all gone.

The Breakdown

Category What were we looking for? Score out of 5
Packaging Neat? Sustainable? Did they remember cutlery? Napkins? Condiments? 4
Hygiene Was clerk wearing gloves? A mask? Both? Neither? What were the pick up and waiting areas like? Clean/neat? 5
Speed and accuracy Food was on counter ready for pickup 5
Portion size Was it filling or were you left wanting more? 5
Leftovers Were there leftovers and, if so, did they reheat well? 5
Quality of Food Freshness, quality of ingredients 4.5
Tastiness of Food Flavor, spice and texture 4.5
Customer Service Friendliness, responsiveness 4
Overall Rating With 5 being a perfect score, this restaurant rated: 4.5