“I Have Something to Say” Episode 4: New York Hardcore

I Have Something to Say Episode 4: New York Hardcore

In this episode of “I Have Something to Say,” three uneducated punks talk everything New York hardcore, from skinheads to … more skinheads! Join us as we make fun of Nazis!

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About the Contributors
Emelle Raschein
Emelle Raschein, Reporter
Emelle Raschein (she/her) is in her first semester at the Oak Leaf and is pursuing a degree in journalism.
John Greenwood
John Greenwood, Reporter
John is in his first semester at the Oakleaf and J1. He is also studying J59 photojournalism. He has a keen interest in alternative music, live shows and film. He loves travel and travel stories, and has a strong affiliation and lifetime involvement with all forms of short circuit Stock Car Racing and Demolition Derby, as well as interests in various other contact sports.
Sal Sandoval-Garduno
Sal Sandoval-Garduno is in his 1st semester at the Oak Leaf and is hoping to transfer to Cal Poly Humboldt to continue majoring in Journalism. Sal can normally be found scurrying around abandoned buildings, engaging in deep philosophical debates on long drives, and being reminded of his lack of gym attendance at punk show mosh pits.

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