“If we all do our part, we can get through this quicker”

Maritza Camacho, Special to The Oak Leaf

This pandemic has really shifted my life unexpectedly. 

I had many exciting plans for spring break that didn’t go as planned, like going to the city with friends and watching a concert. Social distancing became highly enforced. So I was stuck with the mindset about what in the world was I going to do with my life, and I was probably not the only one.

Since gyms closed, I have been working out at home and going on daily runs around my neighborhood. It definitely is therapeutic being outside, away from all the chaos and stress that this pandemic has brought. 

What has also kept me occupied is my job at Starbucks, because even during this time of shelter in place in Sonoma County, drive-thru cafes are somehow an essential food source for the public. I have many ups and downs with customers, but I feel really blessed and thankful for my job, seeing how so many people in our country are currently unemployed. I try to stay as safe as possible when working, like always wearing gloves when at the drive-thru and trying to wash my hands every 15 minutes. 

I see customers with face masks on and some who squirt a lot of hand sanitizer on their hands before giving me their payment. If only they would understand that the best way to protect themselves from the virus is by social distancing instead of coming to Starbucks’ drive-thru everyday for a latte. 

I’ve also been getting back into reading. I was an avid reader from elementary school until about sophomore year of high school when I was forced to read, rather than reading for pleasure. Now, I have more time than ever to read shelves’ worth of books. 

Recently, I have finished reading “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou. 

It’s the story of Angelou’s childhood and the life lessons she encountered at such a young age. It recounts times she was sexually abused and how she lived in fear for years afterward. It is a moving story, and I highly recommend it. 

Here are the more important things that have helped me these past few weeks. 

Keep yourself occupied to avoid stressing too much on the crisis. Clean your home. Workout, whether that be going on a walk or watching workout videos on YouTube. Avoid fake news. Please be kind to people who are still working during this pandemic, like the grocery store workers or your fellow Starbucks employee. Read books you have always wanted to read. And practice social distancing by staying inside as much as you can. 

I know you have heard this multiple times but if we can all do our part, we can get through this quicker.