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Why I voted for a third party

This election—this reality show—was as fascinating as it was depressing. Fascinating because of the mud slinging rhetoric and disregard for any shred of decency, and depressing because voters had to chose between such polarizing and unqualified candidates.

I voted for a third party so I could sleep at night knowing I didn’t contribute to either one of these deplorable choices.

Let’s start with President-elect Trump. Wow that sounds weird. Here is a man whose rhetoric was the basis for both his success and his potential failure. His views on women and his comments on certain races infuriated everybody, and rightfully so. There is no doubt that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States.

Are you happy, Hillary Clinton supporters? Don’t get too comfortable. There are two big mistakes Hillary supporters make. They assume that because you have held a job in the government and your husband was president, that you are qualified for the presidency. She is not. The level of corruption that Clinton has participated in is staggering, from the email scandal to covering for her husband’s extramarital transgressions. The second mistake is saying that since Trump is unqualified, Hillary is better. These two candidates are mutually exclusive; they can both be horrible. And don’t try to use the gender argument. While Clinton won a majority of women’s votes, 42 percent of women voted for Trump.

I’m not attacking Clinton more than Trump. Trump is an unhinged jerk who says mean things; Clinton is more sneaky with her corruption. I don’t like either of them.

This is why I voted for a third party. The electoral college means my vote doesn’t matter, because all of our electoral college votes went to Clinton who won the popular vote in our state. So ignore anyone who tells you to feel guilty for voting for Trump.

Donald Trump is our president. We have no choice but to accept it and hope that he does a good job. Rioting will do no good. Democrats now know how Republicans have felt the last eight years. There is no point in whining. This is not 2000. Trump won convincingly. I understand Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump won the electoral vote decisively.

This election showed how disliked Clinton is. States and counties that were traditionally blue turned red. Counties that went to Obama over Romney in 2012 went for Trump in 2016. America wanted a change that deliberately, for better or worse, shook up the system. They got it. Now deal with it and move on. If you want to claim Trump is not your president, as many protesters have, go ahead. Like it or not, he is your president.

We will be fine. This is America. We adapt; we come together. It’s our job to get behind this president for the good of the country, because we don’t have a choice.

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Matt Fowler, Staff Writer, Spring 2014

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