Frustration is no excuse to riot

Jared Brazis, Contributing Writer

Love trumps hate. That statement was on millions of bumper stickers, t-shirts and signs of Hillary Clinton supporters all across America. After the riots across the country, it seems to me that, in fact, it does not.

It baffles me how people can destroy their own communities, especially places which overwhelmingly supported Hillary. This is a democracy, and many learned for the first time that it doesn’t always go your way with elections. Frustration with the result of this election is no excuse to riot. Rioting only creates more opposition and shows immaturity. These riots and hateful social media posts show those who claim to be open-minded are only blindingly hypocritical.

If you think all Trump supporters are racist, misogynist, islamaphobic or anti-gay, then you clearly are not as open-minded as you think. If you say all who voted for him don’t care about the rights and treatment of the minorities previously stated, you are sadly mistaken.

Simply look at Hillary’s history, and you will see why Trump won. People were not angered by minorities and their rights, but by her lies and blatant corruption. Now is not the time for “unfollow me” posts on social media; this is the time to come together as one nation. At the end of the day, we are all red, white and blue and that’s important to remember.

I don’t judge based on race, gender, religion or party—just like millions of other Americans who voted for Trump. I base my judgment on actions, and unfortunately I have seen many actions that show America has a maturity problem. If you know me, then you know that to be true. I do not deny racism was a part of this election, but it did not determine it. There is no doubt that we will overcome racism in America, but it is important not to hate someone for their political views. It is our right as Americans to have an opinion. This is coming from a fellow SRJC student. This is coming from a fellow American. Do not be a part of the hate, be a part of the solution. Thank you.