Editorial: Oak Leaf endorse Martinez for SGA president

Down to earth. Practical. Experienced.

Robert Martinez is the best choice for SGA President of Santa Rosa Junior College.

In order to pick the best candidate to endorse, the Oak Leaf asked for the three Student Government Assembly presidential candidates to come in and meet with us for a Q&A. We gave them 20 minutes each and asked each candidate the same questions with a few exceptions for each. Videos of each candidate’s interview is available online at theoakleafnews.com.

Martinez’s humble demeanor and openness to ideas allows him to effectively communicate with others, a skill he has proven during his tenure as an SRJC assembly member of Disability Affairs.   

His focus is on the well-being of the student population as a whole, including homeless, undocumented and disabled students.

He has taken the time to educate himself thoroughly on parliamentary procedure, which will expedite SGA meetings and the bureaucratic nature of our school government. 

As a history major, he appreciates the details of how the past became the present and looks to that for reference.

Martinez highly regards teaching and wants to use education as a tool of informing students on the issues.

As a news publication, the Oak Leaf appreciates Martinez’s knowledge of the dynamics between each department. He believes the SGA’s role is to keep the Administration honest and understands that the role of the Oak Leaf is to keep the SGA honest.

“I would like to help students to feel safe, to feel like they’re not alone,” Martinez said in an interview with the Oak Leaf April 4. “I hate feeling like I’m alone, so if I can help one student or a group of students who feel alone, feel oppressed then I will walk away feeling like I did something.”

The Oak Leaf editorial board believes he is the strongest candidate to provide the best understanding of SRJC’s diverse population.

His leadership can bring the college community to new levels of success. Vote for Robert Martinez in the student elections next week.