Just the Tip: Exploring Sexuality

Amoura Deering, Features Editor

Sexuality is part of life. From the moment we are born, we are sexual beings. Our bodies are naturally wired with erogenous zones, areas more susceptible to sexual stimulation, and the brain is filled with chemicals that cause lust.

Many of us have already had sex, perhaps with more than one partner. It’s easy to assume that more than a few students are waiting for marriage to engage in sex. Some are still discovering their sexuality and this is all okay.

College is a great place to start exploring sex and sexuality. There are so many people of different nationalities, backgrounds and gender identities on this campus. You can’t base someone’s identity off their appearance.

There is also an accepting and understanding culture. It seems like almost every classroom door is equipped with a rainbow “Safe Space” sticker to let people of all gender identities, and even non identities, know that they are welcome here.

Culture and religion can create pressure on those who are still finding out who they are. It’s common to hear about those who identify as a different gender or are attracted to their same gender, hiding these details from family and friends in fear of being judged because it isn’t deemed “okay” in their religion or even their family unit. It’s something that shouldn’t be hidden in fear. Sexuality and sexual identity is a part of life. It’s time to start accepting it.

The LGBTQI community is larger than you think and are supportive of each other. The Student Psychological Services office is located in Plover Hall and is a great place to find events put on by clubs centered around sexuality. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about sexuality, psychology 3 is offered during every semester and will make you more comfortable with the subject.

Sex is great and should be talked about more. Sexuality makes us human. Sexual identity makes us who we are individually.